Importance of Inspections

Why Have a Home Inspection? Here in Florida, wind is prevalent. High winds are not uncommon. While hurricanes and tropical storms can bypass our communities for several years at a time, they can also gang up on us several times in a single season. We can advise you on how prepared your home is likely to be, and what steps can be taken to better protect your investment— your home. Roofing presents a major vulnerability in a windstorm; fortunately modern construction methods have been developed to protecting our homes and we check for the presence or absence of these best practice methods. This can be a source of significant savings on your insurance costs.

While we are blessed with many newer homes, some of our most interesting houses—for instance the “Old Florida” style—are decades older and therefore have their own issues relating to not only wear-and-tear and also older building materials and techniques.

When Should My Home Be Inspected? Certainly when you are buying or selling a home, one should engage a reputable certified home inspector to advise on the merits of your property. Even so, if you have not had your home inspected for a number of years, it can be beneficial as a protection and possible source of savings to have various aspects of your property inspected. We perform specialized services such as Indoor Air Quality inspections and checking the home for electrical/fire hazards, water leaking issues, and even energy loss (Thermal Imaging). Mobile Home inspections provide their own unique benefits.

Check out the different types of inspections we provide here on the Treasure Coast.